Cafe Racing Club would like to thak all the sponsor we have and who will make our racing bossible. If you want to sponsor us please contactcaferacing@caferacingclub.com Sponsors in season2019 

PrePipe Oy Industrial piping spesialist http://www.prepipe.fi

Kopteri Magazine Magazine of chopper, custom, cafe racer, classic www.kopteri.com

Alarm Control Fire safety controlling www.alco.fi

Rautaseiska Works from Sulkava www.rautaseiska.fi

RA-RI Kilpi Oy Sign manufacturer with skill www.rarikilpi.com

Saneeraus ja Rakennus Tiainen J Tmi House building and repairing over 25 years www.rakennustiainen.fi

Maalausliike Kupiainen Professional painting